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Quality fast food for your customers at great prices.

Ethically sourced, environmentally responsible and sustainable,

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Born from the burning desire for great food and an ongoing quest for unique and authentic ingredients, is the culmination of traditional American cooking and little tastes from around the world.


Upon realization that too many establishments were serving too much of the same thing and not paying attention to what their customers were asking for, GREEN COW stepped up to the plate (no pun intended) and challenged the traditional notions that freshly prepared and made from scratch ingredients can't be served in a quick, affordable, authentic, and efficient way.


Green Cow i s also committed to the environment and local community.  We stick to the traditional methods of "Going Green" such as recycling, water conservation, and reducing consumption of disposable goods.


If you haven't tried our food before, you're in for a treat. Come check us out here at GREEN COW where 'fixing hungry' is our business!

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Green Cow Specializes in Finger foods from around the world

American Fusion

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